Bingo ball rooms at Game Village

Game Village Bingo has 7 bingo rooms at the moment, out of which 4 are 75 ball rooms. It also has 90-ball, 80-ball and 50-ball bingo rooms. The 90-ball bingo room is open 24X7 hours and is the only room on the site where you could win super tickets. What makes these tickets special is that there is an additional prize on the ticket itself that can be won. What’s special about these tickets is that they have a cash prize written on and it could be anything from a couple of pennies to a few thousand pounds. You must try your lucks there!

Also this room has Super games that are held every Friday at midnight. There will be a total of four games that will be played. Players can win up to a total of £150 in each game which is a guaranteed prize.

Since the 90 ball room and has a 3/9 grid, there will be three game prizes- 1Line, 2Lines and Full House along with a Progressive Jackpot that can be earned by a player as soon as they hit full house within 34 calls.

Village Fair is the only 80-ball bingo room on Game Village and the highlight of this room is that it has various winning patterns. The tickets to this room is in 4/4 grid and players can choose from any 4 different types of games depending on what the prizes are. They currently have a 1 Line & Full House with two prizes and 4 column games with 4 prizes that include 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and a Full House win. 1 To Go and 2 To Go prizes are also given out in certain scheduled games.

The Chip Van Bingo room is a room all 50 ball bingo fans are surely going to love. This room is open for two hours a day, one hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening and is the only 50-ball bingo room that we have. The tickets have a 2/5 grid and cost 5p, 10p and 15p depending on the type of ticket you want to play with. Although the tickets are comparatively costlier, the game prizes and jackpots are much bigger!

So if you’re looking forward to playing some of these impressive games, assisted by coolest crew of chat hosts, where you can play some amazing online bingo and other casino games, do try out today.